We are proud to be a part of such an amazing community. Being a New York City dentist is more than just what we do for work. We are part of a living, thriving community that we love. And, because we love New York so much, we wanted to share some of our favorite activities with you.


New York City Dentist Absolutely Loves New YorkFood

You can’t mention New York without mentioning the great food you can get here. We actually wrote an entire blog on some of our favorite places to dine. Check out our current Top 3 Restaurants in New York. A couple of our choices included some great Italian or Mediterranean food.




What about local events? Last year we took part in TCS New York City Marathon. We had a great time and met some new people. The marathon also helped raise funds and awareness for an important medical condition. Find out more at our NYC Marathon post. Are you going to run the marathon this year? Have you had fun experiences in the past? If you are interested, feel free to see what they are organizing this year on their site.




On top of eating out and running in marathons, there are fun things to do every day. Here are a couple of our recommendations the entire family may enjoy:

  • Bowling Green Farmers Market
  • City Park Ice Rink
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Children’s Museum of Art
  • Imagination Play Ground
  • New York Kids Club



Our New York City Dentist Wants to Hear From You

What are your favorite places to eat? How do you give back to our amazing community? And what do you do when you just want to have fun? We would love to hear your stories, see your pictures, or visit with you when you come to our office. Feel free to chat about it when we see you next, or comment on our Facebook and Google+ pages to see what we are up to, and share your recent adventures.