Porcelain Crowns in Mays Landing, NJ

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What is a Porcelain Crown?

Porcelain crowns, or caps, are used for patients whose teeth have changed in size or shape due to trauma or decay. This prosthetic cap is cemented over the damaged tooth to restore its appearance and functionality. Porcelain crowns are an aesthetically pleasing restoration, ensuring that your smile will look naturally beautiful.

At our Mays Landing dental practice, Dr. John Nosti proudly offers porcelain crowns to improve your oral health and restore your stunning smile. Learn more about porcelain crowns and if they’re the right treatment option for you.

Why Do I Need a Porcelain Crown?

There are many situations where the placement of dental crowns is necessary and beneficial. To achieve the best results, underlying health concerns, such as gum disease, should be treated first. 

Once any health problems have been treated, Dr. Nosti recommends porcelain crowns for the following issues:


  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Dental decay
  • Teeth that have received root canal treatment
  • Replacement of large or damaged fillings
  • Enhancement of dental aesthetics

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Crowns offer numerous benefits, including:


  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Your crown is customized for your tooth, ensuring maximum comfort
  • Crowns are available in natural shades to blend in with your surrounding teeth
  • The crowns process takes only two appointments
  • Crown placement can prevent additional dental treatments in the future

The Crowns Process

Your porcelain crown procedure is typically completed within two appointments. During your initial appointment, we’ll take several highly accurate impressions of the targeted tooth, allowing us to create your custom crown. While it can take several weeks to have your custom crown made, the impressions are used for the placement of a temporary crown. 

At your second appointment, Dr. Nosti will prepare the tooth by removing decay and shaping the surface of the tooth enamel so the restoration fits properly. This will be done while the tooth is numb. Then, the crown will be placed and secured with dental cement. Prior to placing your custom crown, the temporary restoration will be removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. Dr. Nosti will also assess whether or not your bite is properly balanced after placement, ensuring your new smile is ready to show off.

Maintaining Your Porcelain Crown

Proper maintenance of your porcelain crown is simple. Much like your natural teeth, your crown requires brushing with a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day along with daily flossing. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to evaluate the crown shortly after placement, so Dr. Nosti can review the work and see how your mouth is adjusting.

Rejuvenate Your Smile With Dr. Nosti

We know how important a beautiful smile is. If you have a tooth that has suffered damage due to trauma or decay, our porcelain crowns may be the treatment you need. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nosti at our Mays Landing office, call us at (609) 625-3499 or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Is the crown placement procedure painful?

Dr. Nosti will apply a local anesthetic before placing your porcelain crown to ensure a pain-free procedure. Some patients report mild discomfort following the placement but this can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen or a cold compress.

What’s the difference between a crown and a filling?

Many people use these terms interchangeably — however, that is incorrect. While both crowns and fillings are meant to prevent further tooth decay, a filling is used when you have a cavity. This filling acts as a supplemental new part of the tooth. A crown is often used to alter a damaged or decayed tooth, and can be applied as a solution to a wider array of dental issues.

Can I replace my silver or gold crowns with a porcelain crown?

Yes, you can replace any old crown with a new porcelain crown. You will, however, need to schedule a consultation so Dr. Nosti can determine the best course of action for your tooth. If your metal crown is able to be removed, he’ll then be able to shape and customize a porcelain crown to fit comfortably and blend seamlessly with your existing smile.

How long do porcelain crowns last?

Crowns generally last up to 15 years, but with proper care and maintenance, your crowns can last over 25 years. Eventually, though, they will need to be replaced. We recommend scheduling regular checkup appointments at our Mays Landing, NJ office to ensure your crowns last a long time.

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