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A bright, healthy smile is something to be proud of, but it requires regular preventive care to maintain. Getting a thorough dental exam along with a professional cleaning every 6 months can help catch minor issues before they become major ones. During your visit, Dr. John Nosti will carefully inspect your teeth, gums, tongue, and other tissues for early signs of decay, infection, oral cancer, and other problems that are easier to treat if detected early. Digital X-rays and other advanced tools also allow dentists to find developing issues that are invisible to the naked eye. Investing just a few hours twice a year can save you from painful, expensive treatments down the road. 

Don’t put off critical preventive dental care. Call our Mays Landing office at (609) 625-3499 or our Somers Point office at (609) 927-8448 today to schedule your next exam to keep your smile looking its best!

When to Get Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are a crucial part of maintaining good oral health. The American Dental Association recommends getting a dental exam every 6 months. For those at high risk of oral health issues like gum disease or cavities, more frequent dental exams may be needed.

Residents of Mays Landing, NJ should schedule regular checkups with Dr. Nosti or your dentist every 6 months to catch any potential problems early. At your exam, Dr. Nosti will carefully inspect your teeth, gums, tongue, and other tissues in your mouth for signs of decay, infection, oral cancer, and other issues. Don’t wait until you have pain or discomfort to see Dr. Nosti! Preventive care is so important.

What to Expect During a Dental Exam

During your dental exam with Dr. Nosti in Mays Landing, NJ, he will perform a thorough visual inspection of your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate. He will check between teeth, examining for plaque buildup, tartar, cavities, gum recession, and signs of oral infection. Dr. Nosti will also check for oral cancer, feeling your neck and under your tongue for any lumps or abnormalities.

Your exam will likely include dental X-rays to check for hidden issues between teeth or in the jawbone. X-rays allow early detection of cavities, infections, and other problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Dr. Nosti will also perform a professional cleaning to remove any built-up tartar and plaque above and below your gum line. A dental hygienist will likely handle the cleaning portion of your exam.

Importance of Preventive Care

Regular dental exams allow Dr. Nosti to detect oral health issues in the early stages when they are easiest to treat. Preventive care like dental cleanings removes the built-up plaque and tartar that can lead to cavities and gum disease. Fluoride treatments applied during cleanings help strengthen enamel and prevent future cavities from forming. Sealants are thin coatings painted onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth, protecting vulnerable pits and grooves from decay.

Being proactive with regular dental exams in Mays Landing, NJ can help you avoid much costlier reactive treatments down the road if small problems become serious ones. Don’t wait until you have a painful cavity or serious gum infection – schedule your next exam with Dr. Nosti today!

Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

Some key benefits of maintaining regular 6-month dental exams and cleanings with Dr. Nosti include:

  • Early detection of cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer before they become advanced
  • Prevention of small problems from becoming major, expensive issues
  • Removal of harmful plaque buildup to maintain healthy gums
  • Bright, fresh breath and a sparkling white smile
  • Strengthened tooth enamel from periodic fluoride treatments
  • Overall improvement in your oral health and hygiene

‘‘Working with an incredibly talented dentist like Dr. Nosti, I always know our patients are going to love their smiles.

- Francis William Short, DMD

‘‘Dr. Nosti has literally transformed my life. I smile with confidence and make every effort to show my teeth as much as possible.

- Dave B., Actual Patient

‘‘Dr. Nosti was very responsive to my personal dental situation, explained my treatment plan in detail, and listened to all of my concerns.

- George B., Actual Patient

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need an exam if I have no pain or issues?

    Yes, it is critical to get dental exams even if you have no obvious symptoms of oral health problems. Regular exams allow early detection of issues like small cavities or gum disease while they are still easy to treat. Waiting for pain is too late since at that point the problem has advanced. Don’t make the mistake of delaying preventive exams until you have pain or serious issues. Schedule regular checkups every 6 months to catch problems early before they become complex and expensive to fix.

  • Should I avoid eating right before my exam?

    It is best to avoid eating food or drinking beverages for at least 30-60 minutes before your dental exam. Consuming anything right before your appointment can leave food debris and residue in your mouth that can obstruct clear X-rays and photographs. Food particles may also distort the visual examination of your teeth and gums. Your dentist needs to be able to see your teeth clearly without obstruction to check thoroughly for signs of decay, infection, or other problems. Eating or drinking shortly before your visit can make it more difficult to get accurate, high-quality X-rays and pictures. Avoid any food and beverages within an hour of your exam.

  • Can I get a dental exam while pregnant?

    Getting regular dental exams and cleanings is still important during pregnancy. The hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy can increase your risk for certain oral health issues. Let your dentist know you are pregnant before scheduling your visit so they can take any extra precautions. They may recommend more frequent cleanings or X-rays at reduced exposure. Good oral health is tied to good overall health for both mom and baby during pregnancy. Your dentist will make sure you get the preventive oral care you need while pregnant to avoid problems down the road.

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Your smile is too valuable to neglect. It expresses joy, builds confidence, and makes memorable first impressions. Yet over time, without proper care, your smile may dim from lingering plaque, hidden decay, or advancing gum disease. Don’t wait until you have irreversible damage or expensive dental repairs. Call our Mays Landing office today at (609) 625-3499 or our Somers Point office at (609) 927-8448 to schedule your critical bi-annual exam and cleaning

Our compassionate dentists will provide gentle, personalized care to keep your smile radiant. We want to protect your beautiful smile for years to come. Investing a few hours twice a year for preventive exams can preserve your oral health for the long haul. We can’t wait to see you grin brightly again after your cleaning!

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