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‘‘"Dr. Nosti took the level of care to a whole new level."

“There are so many great things to say about Dr. Nosti.

When I decided to get veneers, I really lucked out when I found Dr. John Nosti-Advanced Cosmetic & Rehabilitative Dentistry. In my eyes, I have always had a good dentist. But, when I started going to Dr. Nosti, he took the level of care to a whole new level.

Dr. Nosti is not only meticulous with his work but really strives to make his patients happy. He is compassionate, patient, accommodating with scheduling, and provides excellent care. To top it off the dental hygienists and office staff are also friendly and compassionate about what they do. If you want the best care in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment, go to Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry! You will not regret visiting this New York City dentist and will wish you started there sooner.”

– Kristina A.

Actual Patient

‘‘“Dr. Nosti made my vision of a perfect smile for my perfect wedding become a reality. I was thrilled with the new me."

“Letter from the Bride,

We all have things that we are self-conscious of; it’s human nature. Not one person can say that they would not change something about themselves if they had the opportunity to. For me, and for many people, it’s your smile. I was always self-conscious about my teeth. I would constantly look at pictures with friends and family, but all I would see was my teeth.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of what my wedding day would be like. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man that asked for my hand in marriage. We found a beautiful venue on the beach, and our dream wedding was coming together nicely. Everything was going to be perfect, except my smile. Then I met Dr. Nosti, a fantastic cosmetic dentist in New York City who told me he could make my dream come true with porcelain veneers. Four months before the big day, I was nervous to say the least. Was that enough time? What if they don’t look natural? Dr. Nosti eased all my fears. His knowledge and professionalism made me confident that I had made the right choice. He was so supportive and caring through the entire process.

Dr. Nosti made my vision of a perfect smile for my perfect wedding become a reality. I was thrilled with the new me. My teeth looked amazing! Our wedding was beautiful and a memory I will cherish forever. I love our wedding photos with my new smile.

Thank you, Dr. Nosti for making my dream wedding come true.”


– Brieanna R.

Actual Patient

Click above to see before & after.

Click above to see before & after.

‘‘"I cannot thank Dr. Nosti enough for being so compassionate, meticulous, and professional."

“Dr. Nosti was an angel sent to me from heaven. At the time I met Dr. Nosti, I was actually seeing two different dentists. Different dental work was being done on my teeth and the more work that was done, the more displeased I became.

After all the time, energy, and money spent, I started to inquire if my friends could recommend anyone. A dear friend recommended her dentist – Dr. Nosti. The rest is history. I never thought I could take care of my dental work and have beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile at the same time!

I cannot thank Dr. Nosti enough for being so compassionate, meticulous, and professional while doing the work he did for me. I would also like to thank his family for allowing him to be so devoted to his work and patients. Without their support, I would not have been able to have a dentist with such expertise and devotion.”

– Joanne

Actual Patient

‘‘“My teeth and smile are perfect. I never would have imagined the difference would be so significant."

“I used to be a dull guy… Or at least my teeth and smile were. Then a close friend suggested I speak with Dr. Nosti. I was impressed from the initial consultation. Dr. Nosti explained to me in detail what he could do for my smile, how the procedure would be done, and how much it would cost. Once the decision was made, Dr. Nosti and his capable staff made the experience as painless and pleasant as possible. Because I traveled a long distance to get to the dental office, over an hour one-way, the staff worked hard to make sure the appointments fit into my busy schedule… They even saw me over the weekend.

The results were remarkable. My teeth and smile are perfect. I cannot believe the before and after pictures. I never would have imagined the difference would be so significant. I am confident in my appearance and no longer avoid smiling when someone wants to take a picture. Thank you, Dr. Nosti!

P.S. That close friend who referred me to Dr. Nosti and his practice is now my lovely wife… Thanks again Doc!”

– Mark S.

Actual Patient

Click above to see before & after.

Click above to see before & after.

‘‘“His skill and talent are true to perfection. The results were overwhelming and far exceeded my expectations."

“Meeting Dr. Nosti was a turning point in my life! I waited years to get the smile I always admired on other people.

I was never happy with my teeth, repeatedly asked my former dentist of 30+ years about braces, cosmetic dental work, etc., but he just didn’t take me seriously. So, after many disappointments and costly mistakes, I realized it was time to say “Good-bye” which was one of the best decisions I ever made.

How did I find Dr. Nosti? I had just moved to the area and met a lady, Pat, and in conversation, I mentioned that I was looking for a new dentist. She recommended Dr. Nosti’s practice in Somers Point where she worked! She spoke very highly of everyone she worked with and complimented every dentist associated with the office. She was very proud to be a part of the staff, but Somers Point, for me, was just too far to travel.

I then began to search the internet for the best cosmetic dentist in New York. I saw advertisements for different dental cosmetic procedures and decided I was going to do it! I was going to get Lumineers; but when I accessed the website, I saw a link from a retired dentist who warned people against the disadvantages of Lumineers. He highly promoted porcelain veneers and provided a referral list of dentists that he strongly recommended; and that is how I found the name – Dr. John Nosti.

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    I researched Dr. Nosti’s website – his education, background, credentials, and experience. I kept going back to his website looking at the “before & after” pictures and finally got the nerve to call and make an appointment. I was apprehensive about having cosmetic dental work done, but I went for a consultation. When I went to his office in Mays Landing, I realized that he was also affiliated with the Somers Point office that the girl, Pat, was telling me about months before!

    After my initial meeting with Dr. Nosti and his staff, I knew I made the right choice! His professionalism and technology were state-of-the-art. He provided a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere–personable and real. I felt very confident leaving the office and was excited about getting started.

    Nothing is ever easy with my teeth, and Dr. Nosti had much patience with this patient’s mouth! : ) He is knowledgeable of every aspect in his field. His skill and talent are true to perfection. He is detail-oriented and very committed to providing you with the best results. No short cuts, no time limit, you are his only focus! The results were overwhelming and far exceeded my expectations.

    Meeting Dr. Nosti was more than just a turning point in my life, it was the best decision I ever made. It may have taken me over 30+ years, but he and my smile were well worth the wait!”

– Lynda H.

Actual Patient

‘‘"It's amazing how much of a difference being able to smile confidently changes a person."

“After years of bad dentistry, grinding and personal misuse of my teeth, I was embarrassed to show my teeth when smiling. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with smiles and courtesy. I can’t say enough about the quality and care Dr. Nosti and his staff put into reforming my smile.

Dr. Nosti did a full mouth rehabilitation for me, and the procedure was painless and the results outstanding. Before this procedure, I was always hesitant to smile. It’s amazing how much of a difference being able to smile confidently changes a person. Thank you, Dr. Nosti and staff for giving me the opportunity to be confident in my smile again.”

– Dan A.

Actual Patient

Click above to see before & after.

‘‘Dr. Nosti has transformed my life. I have looked back at photographs taken before having my smile makeover by Dr. Nosti and what I notice most is that my smile never appeared to be a full-hearted grin. Now I smile with confidence and make every effort to show my teeth as much as possible.

-Dave Bidwell, Owner of Planet Fitness Miami

‘‘It almost brought tears to my eyes when Dr. Nosti handed the mirror to me, and I saw my new smile. When it was time for my final appointment, Dr. Nosti’s staff assured me I was going to look even better than I had already did since I was only in temporaries. They were right!

-Janice H, Actual Patient

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