Total Body Wellness in Mays Landing, NJ

Achieving Your Dream Smile While Improving Your Body’s Health!

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Boosting Your Smile!

Did you know your body can affect your oral health? Chances are if you’re not feeling your best, you’re also not looking your best. Our Mays Landing, NJ dentist, Dr. John Nosti knows wellness needs to be approached from all angles. That’s because there are a variety of complex interactions going on throughout your body that can impact your oral health. Our team will work with you to ensure your smile and physical health are in good shape.

Dr. Nosti provides first-class general dentistry to promote healthy teeth. On top of that, he’ll also design for you a personal nutrition and exercise program that can help you achieve overall physical wellness. That way, you’ll be able to start looking and feeling your best.

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Dr. Nosti's Passion for Wellness

Dr. Nosti’s dedication to physical wellness is reflected in how he incorporates total-body wellness for his patients. Our team of dental professionals takes your oral health a step further by also supporting the systems in your body responsible for maintaining the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Wellness expert Dr. John Nosti

‘‘I have always been into physical fitness and total body health. Throughout this time, I had been treating sleep apnea patients. I knew the best solution for some patients isn’t an oral appliance — it’s weight loss. I started offering to help my patients with the same turnkey wellness program I started with, but I knew I needed something more than my dental degree to guide them into customized plans."

  • Certified Weight-Management Specialist and Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • Recognized by magazines and news outlets across the country due to his experience in combining advanced dental treatments with total body wellness to further enhance the smiles of patients

  • Serves as an instructor for other dentists on how to incorporate the principles of total body wellness and nutrition counseling into their treatments

Total Body Wellness & Gum Disease

Older man and woman sleeping peacefully in their bed.
Older man and woman sleeping peacefully in their bed.

Patients who consume a lot of sugary foods and beverages give the harmful bacteria in their mouth fuel to grow and put themselves at risk of developing gum disease. These bacteria feed on starch and create an acidic by-product that can cause damage to your smile. Liquids that are filled with sugar can also get into hard-to-reach areas in your mouth where bacteria can thrive. The results are cavities and gum damage that’ll require periodontal treatment.

How Dr. Nosti Can Help

  • Treat your gum disease while you work to adjust the types of foods you eat

  • Create a nutritional regimen that balances healthy meals with the foods you love

  • Stopping the progression of gum disease while you gain control of your oral health

Total Body Wellness & Sleep Apnea

Older man and woman sleeping peacefully in their bed.

Science has continued to uncover the connection between oral health and the body. For dentists, they’re among the first to recognize the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or a sleep breathing disorder (SBD). There’s a widely known correlation between obesity and developing sleep apnea. By managing one’s weight along with professional treatment, patients can begin to manage their symptoms and achieve a peaceful rest.

How Dr. Nosti Can Help

  • Treat your sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy while you work towards your wellness goals

  • Design a nutrition and exercise program to help you achieve and maintain an ideal weight

  • Help you manage your sleep apnea permanently with consistent diet and exercise

Older man and woman sleeping peacefully in their bed.

‘‘As healthcare providers, we need to fine-tune our nutritional skills so we can personally guide our patients to better health.

- Dr. John Nosti

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my teeth impact my physical health?

    Yes! The bacteria responsible for dental decay and inflammation can enter the bloodstream through your teeth and gums. This can damage your body and cause serious complications like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Your dentist can help you improve your teeth by setting up a consistent oral hygiene routine that’ll also protect your overall physical wellness.

  • Will lowering my blood pressure help with my oral health?

    Lowering your blood pressure can have many benefits for your oral health and physical well-being. This change can help enhance the recovery period after undergoing dental surgery and make you a better candidate for certain treatments like dental implants. Your dentist will be able to help you manage your blood pressure and improve your smile by creating a wellness plan or recommending certain nutritional habits.

  • How can a nutrition plan help with improving my teeth?

    Your dentist will be able to help you set up a nutrition plan after reviewing your overall health history. Afterward, they’ll talk with you about your health issues and wellness goals to develop a plan that best complements your needs. This can include nutritional education, fitness, exercise planning, and more to get you started in the right direction.

  • What foods should I eat to boost my oral health?

    Try adding foods that are high in calcium and protein to boost your oral health. Items such as low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, plain yogurt, and leafy greens can give your body the nutrients that it needs to maintain your teeth. Meats including eggs, fish, and poultry can protect your enamel and improve bone density in your jaw and oral cavity.

Ready to Live a Life of Total Wellness?

Dr. Nosti understands the complex relationship between teeth and the rest of the body. That’s why he incorporates total body wellness along with personalized dental care to improve the experience of your treatment. Want to start living your best life? Call our Mays Landing, NJ office at (609) 625-3499 or fill out the online contact form below. We also serve patients in Somers Point, Jersey City, and Hamilton Township, NJ.

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