Dr. John Nosti was looking for someone to follow on their journey to the legendary NYC Marathon on November 1st, 2015. When he came across the story of a fellow Dentist in Seattle who is running for his son, he know he had found the story he wanted to share.

Dr. Dominick Curalli is a Dentist and a runner, but above all that he is a husband and a father. He and his wife had an unexpected change in their life’s journey when their younger son Dane was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Cornelia De Lange Syndrome.

Dr. Curalli and his family received and continue to receive a lot of support as they navigate life and provide the best choices possible for both their sons through the CdLS Foundation. We will continue to cheer them on through their journey!

Raising Awareness for the NYC Marathon

We are so happy that Dr. Curalli has chosen to use the NYC Marathon as a platform to raise awareness and funds for research and to benefit other families dealing with this situation. We will be following his story and sharing training tips for anyone who is getting ready for this legendary event!

To read more about Dr. Curalli’s story and the foundation, visit his blog: Dr. Curalli is Running the NYC Marathon For Team CdLS