How long does a plucked flower blossom displayed prettily in a bowl last before it withers? Not very long—possibly a day or two.

Compare that to a potted plant that can bloom for years. You may ask your dentist in New York, “Where does the difference lie?”

Roots, Roots, Roots

Roots provide stability and stimulate plants’ entire complex support system. This is also true for your teeth.

It can be a traumatic experience when one or more teeth meet their demise. An attractive surface solution such as a dental bridge could get the job done. However, it’s not self-sustaining— like that pretty floating blossom. This is because bridges do not have the “roots” to sustain your facial features.

Just as flowers rooted in soil far outlive the alternate, a dental option with a root (known as a dental implant) can last a lifetime compared to surface restorations. The only question is: Are you a good candidate?

Qualifying for Dental Implants

See how many of these qualifiers you can place a check-mark beside:

  • I’m an adult (children’s jaws are too underdeveloped).
  • In good physical health (chronic or immunosuppression diseases would increase risk of an infection)
  • I’m not pregnant.
  • I don’t grind or clench my teeth (this habit can put too much pressure on implants)

Did you pass? Then, continue on and learn more exciting details about dental implants!

Discover Your Roots!

An artificial root (made of titanium) will naturally assimilate into your jaw bone to become an official part of you. This dental “root” will not only serve as a solid anchor for your beautiful replacement “tooth”, but will help stimulate continued cell production. Why is this so important?

The promotion of cell renewal is invaluable to slow degeneration of gum tissue and the jaw bone.

How does respected dentist in New York, Dr. John Nosti exceed patients’ expectations? With other dentists, you would normally have to travel to an offsite specialist to place the titanium post. However, Dr. Nosti works with Dr. Simon Roytberg who can complete the first stage dental implants under the same roof! This allows Dr. Nosti to closely monitor your treatment while simplifying your life.

Oh, the Benefits

Not only are dental implants super-practical in allowing full chewing ability, but if judged in a “Who’s More Attractive?” contest against natural teeth, they generally are uncontested winners.

Flawed teeth converted into perfect teeth can help boost your self-esteem up a few notches. Contact us today and discover if your smile will support a fabulous dental implant!

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